Chinese Women in Computing

Why Chinese Women in Computing?

Often times, women in computing feel isolated in this man dominated world because there are very few technical women around. This is even truer for Chinese women in computing. As Chinese women in computing, we are facing unique challenges to stay in the field and advance our career because of the culture we grow up. The community of Chinese Women in Computing will help us to break down isolation, get connected and inspired to pursue our dream! We will no longer feel alone!  

Mission of Chinese Women in Computing

Connect all Chinese women in computing globally to help each other achieve more and make bigger impact.

Founders and Chairs

  • Qiaolin (Natalie) Mao, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and the co-founder & officer of the Seattle ACM SIGKDD Chapter
  • Wei (Sophie) Lin, Senior Director at Symantec and general co-chair of Grace Hopper 2014

Benefits of Joining Chinese Women in Computing

  • Get to know other Chinese women in computing worldwide and learn from each other
  • Get encouraged and inspired to stay in the field and advance your career
  • Discuss unique challenges that Chinese women in computing face at work and life, and find practical solutions together  
  • Have a channel to ask questions and get help
  • Make yourself a role model to attract young Chinese women to the technical field
  • Have network opportunities with other technical Chinese women via online communication, local events and conference etc.

If you are a Chinese woman in computing, please join our community mailing list at chinesewic no matter where you live in the world! Together, we will build a great community for Chinese Women in Computing!